The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 34
2012-07-31 発行

発達に課題のある幼児の支援のための大学専門機関と幼稚園との連携に関する実践的研究 : 年中児Kの観察と圏内カンファレンスを通して <原著論文>

A Practical Study of the Cooperation among Reseachers, Professionals and Teachers for supporting a developmentally challenging kindergartener. <Original work paper>
Nowadays, ECEC-conference are used as a method to derive the effect of group dynamics. In this thesis, A practical ECEC-conference assembled for supporting a developmentally challenging kindergartener “A” will reported.  

At the beginning of the school year, many socially incorrect actions and behaviors of “A” were observed. With those findings of the observations mainly reported by the University Researchers, routine works and teachers way of instruction with talks were reconsidered. After instructing the short skit of “borrow me.”and “OK”again and again, “A” gradually tried to request what “A” wants to do by the “words” when “A” are curious at the others Lunch boxes or bags, at the last part of 2nd Semester.  

By inviting the professionals working on “A” in the other institutions for the conference, more precise information about “A”’s daily-life patterns and rhythms could be taken into accounting “A”’s behaviors in the kindergarten, in comparison to the last school year.  

Since “A” will enter into an elementary school the school year after next, preparations for a school and cooperation with the elementary school should be considered in the conference in the next year.
Skit training
cooperation with professions
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