The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 33
2011-12-01 発行

スウェーデンにおける就学前動物介在教育に関する研究 : ストックホルム市の就学前学校の実践から

The Study about Animal Assisted Education in Early Childhood Education in Sweden : Considering from Forested Education with Mulle
Iino, Yuki
Ohno, Ayumi
In the early childhood education of our country, 'animal assisted education' has been situated as an important program for long years. However, almost all programs tend to be restricted only breeding of animals, and educational significance was not shown clearly against to each programs. So the purpose of this study is considering this point. Especially, in this study focusing to 'Forested Education with Mulle' which was carried out as a part of environmental education in early childhood education in Sweden, and tried to examine how 'animal assisted education' is put into this program. Mulle is a name of fairy who are made for this program, and taking a role which telling the children about the importance of nature and animals from the structure of a food chain. Regarding the method of this study, investigators went to the facility for early childhood education in Sweden, and carried out observation and interview to teachers. As a result, the meaningful implications were indicated about 1) how 'animal assisted education' situated into early childhood education, and 2) how each child face to breeding animals in the center.
animal assisted education
early childhood education
food chain
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