The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 33
2011-12-01 発行

発達障害のある子どもに対する就学時の支援方法に関する研究 : 小学校への接続がスムーズにいかなかった事例から

Transition Support of a child with developmental disability : The case that the connection with the elementary school didn't go for smoothly
Manabe, Ken
The Purpose of this study was to obtain suggestion about support of elementary school transition under the condition that there are no regular supports from region, through a case of one child with educational special needs. After school transition, the child can't adjust at their school class and life. To support him adjustment and learning, interagency collaboration was developed and developmental test was done to him. By this process, main teacher of elementary school could estimate his development and team could consider the support that fit to his cognitive discrepancy. Through the case, the points to support school transition under the condition that there are no regular support from region was summarized 3 contents ; 1) the presence of coordinator who could connect parents and school main teacher, 2) the difference between supports that done before school entrance and supports that done after school entrance, 3) conference or cognitive assessment battery.
Transition support after school transition
Interagency process
Identifying of discrepancy
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