The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 33
2011-12-01 発行

「人間関係」に関わる保育者支援プログラムの検討 : 保育者効力感について

Investigation of childcare persons support program on childcare contents "human relations"
Nishiyama, Osamu
This study was aimed to investigate a program (Nishiyama, 2009) intended to intervene in the efficacy of childcare persons in terms of the pressing issue of how to cultivate efficacy in childcare persons in respect to children. Specifically, the program was aimed at bringing about a positive change in recognizing the practicability of the childcare persons in "bringing about the desired changes for cultivating efficacy around children" through measured diagnostic evaluations, setting of target action, and self monitoring. It was aimed at making qualitative improvements in childcare practice by providing increased motivation to the childcare persons. This study reports a section of the results of investigation on the effects of the support program.
childcare persons support program
childcare contents "human relations"
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