The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 33
Date of Issue:2011-12-01
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Emotional Labor as an Early Childhood Teacher Strategy : From the Analysis of a Class of Three-Year-Old Kindergarten Students
Nakatsubo, Fuminori; Kaneko, Yoshihide; Nakanishi, Sayaka; Tomita, Masako;
PP. 5 - 13
A Pilot Study on Perspectives of Assessing the Development of Preschool Children : Exploiting "Project Spectrum" as a Clue
Yamauchi, Noriyuki; Yamauchi, Junko;
PP. 15 - 30
A study on the child-caring belief of the students in early childhood education course
Sato, Chie;
PP. 31 - 39
The relationship between white lie and executive function in young children
Kondo, Aya; Asada, Hanae; Minakuchi, Keigo; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 41 - 48
Examination of young children's fantasy-reality distinction task
Ota, Noriko; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 49 - 54
An educational camp for elementary schoolchildren with developmental disabilities : Comparison of pre-and post-questionnaire findings from parents and children
Takiguchi, Keiko; Terada, Yoko; Yanagi, Yumi; Takezawa, Tomohiro; Kondo, Takeo; Isobe, Miyoshi; Ochiai, Toshiro;
PP. 55 - 64
Dispute on Conception of "Classroom Integration" in China : the view point of the theory of Chen Yunying
Zhao, Jingyu;
PP. 65 - 71
A function of Imitation in 5-years old children's Play
Okahana, Kiichiro; Maki, Ryota; Sato, Yuki; Asakawa, Atsushi; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 73 - 78
Effect of Victim's Facial Expression and Intentionality on Interventions : predictions by students in early childhood education
Shibasaki, Miwa;
PP. 79 - 88
Investigation of childcare persons support program on childcare contents "human relations"
Nishiyama, Osamu;
PP. 89 - 96
Effects of an aggressor's authority on preschoolers' judgments about aggressive behavior
Etchu, Koji;
PP. 97 - 103
The germination of creation in young children's imitation
Asakawa, Atsushi; Sugimura, Shinichirou; Okahana, Kiichiro; Maki, Ryota; Zheng, Xiaolin;
PP. 105 - 113
The child care student's causal attribution and correspondence to ADHD behavioral feature
Hamada, Shoko;
PP. 115 - 123
Transition Support of a child with developmental disability : The case that the connection with the elementary school didn't go for smoothly
Manabe, Ken;
PP. 125 - 132
The Study about Animal Assisted Education in Early Childhood Education in Sweden : Considering from Forested Education with Mulle
Iino, Yuki; Nanakida, Atsushi; Ohno, Ayumi;
PP. 133 - 139