The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 32
2010-12-01 発行

笑いを用いた保育に関する研究 : 手段として用いる笑いの有用性の検討

A study of child care that uses laughter : Examination of utility of laughter used as means
Ota, Noriko
Maki, Ryouta
Yamasaki, Akane
The present study examined the utility of the laughter used as a means at the child care scene where the teacher-directed activities. The first author participated in the exercise class conducted by external teacher at the preschool and it was recorded with the video camera. As a result, it was suggested that the laughter which had used by the teacher made the children becoming conscious of their activity and concentrating on its activity. It was also suggested that the teacher's flexible correspondence is indispensable for using laughter as an effective child care skill. In addition, it is thought that the teacher is sharing fun with children by using laughter as a means.
child care that uses laughter
teacher-directed activities
utility of laughter used as means
child care skill
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