The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 32
2010-12-01 発行

子どもの違反に対する親の介入行動 : 領域別特殊理論の視点から

Parent Intervention to children's transgressions : from domain-specific theory
Shibasaki, Miwa
The focus of this study was the relation between gender of parents or transgression type and parent interventions to children's transgression. 51 women were presented with four pictures depicting the scene that children went against social rules : moral issues (e. g., "conflict" and "property damage") and social conventional issues (e. g. "not to obey his / her parents" and "breaching rules"), they were asked to answer what their parents had done toward their transgressions when they had committed each transgression in their childhood. Answers were subdivided into eight categories (no experience, restraint, restraint with giving a reason, perspective-taking, confirmation of contexts/reasons, constraint with action, neglect, and warning of the punishment). There was the meaningful link between transgression type and parent interventions; they answered they had not received any interventions or had received interventions such as "perspective-taking" in moral domain, and "restraint giving a reason", "neglect", and "warning of the punishment" in social conventional domain. There was also the significant relation between gender of parents and parent interventions ; they answered they had received interventions including "perspective-taking", "confirmation of contexts/reasons" in moral domain, and "restraint giving a reason" at the breach of the rule setting included in social conventional ones as interventions by their mothers. On the other hand, they experienced fathers' interventions such as "constraint by action" in social conventional domain, and the property damage setting included in moral domain. They experienced more interventions by their mothers than fathers totally.
social convention
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