The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 32
2010-12-01 発行

保護者・保育者・大学専門機関を繋ぐ指導体制について : 保育園における個別指導実施を通して

The study about cooperation of parents, caregivers and university, for children with special needs : Individualized Teaching Performance in a Day-Care Center
Sato, Chie
Manabe, Ken
This study aims at reviewing the effects of the cooperation of parents, caregivers, and university when a leader belonging to a university performs individual teaching in a day-care center to which adisabled child belongs. As for research method, I analyzed the individual teaching record and made a semi-structured interview with the caregivers. As a result, it was suggested that the teaching system in a day-care center has a lot of opportunities in which the three meet and lets them make interactive communication easily through everyday scenes, so that cooperation can be performed more smoothly than out of the day-care center. In addition, it was considered important for them to know the others' teaching and child-care in each position, become able to be consulted easilly, be aware of the importance of everyday living, accumulate and share the records for performing cooperation.
children with special needs
day-care center
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