The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 32
2010-12-01 発行

保育者は自主・自発をどのように用いてきたか : 広島大学附属幼稚園『幼児教育研究紀要』を手がかりとして

The Use of Autonomy and Spontaneity among Preschool Teachers of Kindergarten Attached to Hiroshima University
Takeuchi, Hiroaki
This Study revealed about the historical use of autonomy and spontaneity among preschool teachers of kindergarten attached to Hiroshima University through the research bulletin of early childhood education. First, autonomy and spontaneity are double meaning terms and when narrowly-defined these terms include distinct value judgment. In other words, autonomy and spontaneity mean that such actions have rightness. But broader used case, autonomy and spontaneity mean almost equal to the subjectivity. Secondly, preschool teachers substitute subjectivity for autonomy and spontaneity around the revision of the National curriculum guideline of kindergarten in 1989. Therefore autonomy and spontaneity have scarcely appeared in the research bulletin of early childhood education. Thirdly, change of generation causes revival of these terms. Preschool teachers are becoming to use autonomy and spontaneity again. But long intermission puts out historical experience from preschool teacher's mind, and autonomy and spontaneity are become loose term because of the oblivescence of the precedent discussion of the preschool teachers.
autonomy, spontaneity
preschool teachers
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