The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 32
2010-12-01 発行

幼児の睡眠と生活リズムに関する研究 : 幼児と母親の睡眠行動に着目して

Research on sleep and life rhythm of young children : focused on sleeping behaviors of young children and their mothers
Tanaka, Saori
The population of people who sleep late at night is increasing recently due to change of environment that surrounds society. On this issue, it's reported that children and their mother's sleep is related closely. This research aims at analyzing the relationship between young children's sleeping behaviors and their mother's sleeping behaviors.

Responses from 74 mothers (response rate : 73%) were analyzed. From the result of this research, mother's sleeping hours or bedtime doesn't effect to their children's sleeping hours. In addition, mother's steady sleeping behaviors and young children's steady sleeping behaviors are related. Therefore mother's steady sleeping behaviors are expected to build their young children's steady sleeping behaviors.
sleeping behaviors
young children
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