The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 31
2009-07-21 発行

保育室の環境構成が幼児の活動に与える影響 : 気になる子のカンファレンスより

The influence of the environmental configuration of nursery room on young child's activity : From the conference to difficult child
Sato, Chie
The purpose of this research is to go over the factors from the environmental configuration of the nursery room and to bring out the importance of the environmental configuration in practicing nursing of the difficult child.

The target is a child who is enrolled in a kindergarten. We investigated the environmental factors of the nursing by observation record of the child and the conference record conducted with kindergarten teachers. It was found from the conference that the children around the entrance of the nursery room when they came to the kindergarten in the morning made the child hard to do the routine work. After the teachers changed the environmental configuration of the nursery room so that children do not need to gather in one place, it became easy for the child to do the routine work. Though the people who care children seem to have the tendency to think that they need to change the relationship of themselves when considering the child caring, this research showed that the change of environmental configuration could be change the condition of a child.
nursery room
environmental configuration
difficult child