The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 31
2009-07-21 発行

幼児の運動能力と基本的運動動作に関する研究 : 自由遊びに見る運動能力別の基本的運動動作比較の試み

The Examination of Relationship between Motor Abilities and Fundamental Movement among Young Children
Tanaka, Saori
This study shows the effect of acquiring motor abilities by analyzing the fundamental movements of young children, paying attention to daily play. The method used for this purpose was to measure the motor abilities focusing on motor coordination and classified them to a group of high-scoring and low-scoring children from the results. Also, it was extracted each female/male child with high scores and low scores based on the results of motor abilities measurement and to record their fundamental movements while they were playing freely. The record and the overall number of fundamental movements demonstrate that there is a significant difference (p<0.01) between the children with high scores and those with low scores and that the high score children experience various movements in play. Therefore, it was suggested that there exists a relationship between the motor abilities and the expression numbers of the fundamental movements in physical play activities.
young children
motor abilities
fundamental movements
physical play activities