The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 31
2009-07-21 発行

認定こども園のカリキュラムに関する課題と展望 : エデュケア(educare)の概念からの検討

Concept of "Educare," and Perspectives and Problems of Approved Child Institutions' Curriculum
Matsui, Gota
Etchu, Koji
Wakabayashi, Sumino
Kusumoto, Chisato
Fujiki, Daisuke
Ueda, Nao
Nagao, Fumie
Yamazaki, Akira
The conditions of approved child institutions are decided mainly from a management perspective, rather than from the need to think about childcare from the parent's, caregiver's, or children's perspectives. In the field of childcare, enriching the curriculums of approved child institutions has been an important topic. In closely examining the desirable curriculum for approved child institutions, we have introduced the concept of "educare," that combines education with care. We have discussed the theoretical background and the curriculum based on "educare." It is necessary to gather caregiver's opinions and different case studies to buildup a bottom-up curriculum that corresponds to "educare."
approved child institution
study of the curriculum