The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 31
Date of Issue:2009-07-21
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Structure of reflection in early childhood care and education
Sugimura, Shinichirou; Park, Shin-Young; Wakabayashi, Sumino;
PP. 5 - 14
Concept of "Educare," and Perspectives and Problems of Approved Child Institutions' Curriculum
Matsui, Gota; Etchu, Koji; Wakabayashi, Sumino; Kusumoto, Chisato; Fujiki, Daisuke; Ueda, Nao; Nagao, Fumie; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 15 - 21
Study on the Practical Guidance for Kindergarteners to Improve an Unbalanced Diet : A case study using a fresh tomato
Kobayashi, Sayoko; Koga, Katsuhiko;
PP. 23 - 28
The effect of different types of task on the accuracy of external source monitoring in young children
Kondo, Aya;
PP. 29 - 35
The study about application of functional assessment to early childhood setting
Manabe, Ken;
PP. 37 - 45
A case study on pretend play by three-year-olds and a teacher
Tada, Yukiko; Ota, Noriko; Inoue, Satoko; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 47 - 54
Analysis of the views of Parents and Nursery School or Preschool Teachers Regarding the Shift in Administration of Nintei-Kodomoen as Comprehensive Facilities
Takiguchi, Keiko; Tanaka, Rie;
PP. 63 - 70
A study on evaluating education plans by kindergarten teachers for improve quality of childcare practice
Kaji, Reiko; Nakajima, Chieko;
PP. 71 - 81
The Examination of Relationship between Motor Abilities and Fundamental Movement among Young Children
Tanaka, Saori;
PP. 83 - 88
Study Trends on Sand Play among Young Children in Korea and Japan
Park, Eunmi; Nakatsubo, Fuminori;
PP. 89 - 95
The influence of the environmental configuration of nursery room on young child's activity : From the conference to difficult child
Sato, Chie; Nanakida, Atsushi;
PP. 97 - 101
the strategy of finger use in children's addition Relationship with short-term memory, finger dexterity, and addition skills
Asakawa, Atsushi; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 103 - 111
Development of the Japanese Version of the Children's Moral Measure MY CHILD
Shibasaki, Miwa;
PP. 113 - 121
A study on the child care conference held by teachers in kindergarten and graduate students
Ohno, Ayumi; Sato, Chie; Tanaka, Saori; Iino, Yuki; Manabe, Ken;
PP. 123 - 130
Preliminary Considerations of Zone of Proximal development in Childcare
Okahana, Kiichiro; Tada, Yukiko; Asakawa, Atsushi; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 131 - 137