The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 30
2008-07-10 発行


The examination of welfare community from the view point of barrier-free in child-rearing
Matsui, Gota
Okahana, Kiichiro
Sato, Chie
Tanaka, Saori
Iino, Yuki
Koga, Takuya
The "barrier-free in child-rearing" has been used as an expression that showed the maintenance of the environment of living that supported the child-rearing. There is an aim promoting barrierfree in child-rearing, such as the public buildings, the public transport facilities, and the city park, etc. The barrier-free in child-rearing needs not only material maintenances but also consciousness of people against the barrier-free in child-rearing. This research will show the information that the parents who are in child-rearing tend to miss out at the facilities concerning the barrier-free in child-rearing. As a result, to improve the convenience with utilization of facilities from the parents in child-rearing of view, as well as the wheelchair marks, the mark that is available for the parents in child-rearing. In addition there is effort that provides some information with publicity. Furthermore, user will feel mental barrier from the building structures. Therefore there are some cases that they will hesitate to use the facilities even staff recommend it.
Higashi-hiroshima city