The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 30
2008-07-10 発行

障害幼児の保護者が療育キャンプに求める支援に関する研究 : 保護者のアンケートから

A study of the support for parent of the child with disabilities needs in the camp
Sato, Chie
The aim of this study is to clarify the support that needs of parent who participated in camping for children with disabilities. The questionnaire was adopted as following items. It consists of three questions.

1) What is the purpose of participating in this camp?

2) What is the impression that participated in camping?

3) Participating in the camp, there is a change in mind-set about raising children?

Consequently, 12 responses were collected from parent.

As a result, the needs of the parent understood that it was joint ownership of the experience with the family, support to the brethren, and network construction with the other families. It was suggested that the parent needed daily interchange
Parent needs children with disabilities camp for children with disabilities and family