The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 30
2008-07-10 発行

東広島市における幼児の生活リズムに関する研究 : 睡眠と運動に着目した実態調査からの検討

Research on child's life rhythm focus on sleep and activities : Examination from investigation of actual conditions in Higashi-Hiroshima City
Tanaka, Saori
The environment of child's life has changed rapidly today. And, the lifestyle related disease increases, and the level of declining birthrate and an aging has risen, too. As a result, child's life aspect also shows the large change compared with before. Therefore even though a present lifestyle is diversified of it, it is important to promote a suitable basic lifestyle from the viewpoint that puts the whole of lifestyle in daily life like the child eating habits, the movement and sleep, etc. In this research, it pays attention to "Activities" and "Sleep", and child's realities in Higashi- Hiroshima City are clarified based on the question paper investigation. Moreover, it aims to clarify the relations of each other by analyzing the influence given among "Movement" and "Sleep".

As a result, the relation was shown to both of the movement and sleep. There is a complementary relation there, and to do moderate activities, the adequate sleep was necessary, and to have plenty of sleep, needing a moderate movement became clear.
Child Life rhythm Sleep The movement