The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 29
2007-06-07 発行


Review of the researches about Vygotsky's defectology
Okahana, Kiichiro
The purpose of the present article was to classify the researches of Vygotsky's defectology, and to review these works. Vygotsky's defectology has hardly ever been argued on education for handicapped children or special needs education. On another front, since 1980's, it has been few case to discuss about his defectological texts on the Vygotsky boom in Europe and the United States. There are some of following assignments ; which is hardly the researches to focus on a connection between Vygotsky's defectology and his Cultural-Historical ideas. It remains to be seen position of defectology on Vygotsky's theory overall. Furthermore, it is issues to explore the influence of the defectological research upon Vygotsky's ideas.
L. S. Vygotsky
Cultural-Historical theory