The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 29
2007-06-07 発行

子育てサークルの運営を通した母親のエンパワメントについて : Mサークルの事例から

Research on Empowerment of the Mothers through the Management of a Group for Childrearing : From a Case Study of M Group for Childrearing
Kanda, Takako
This paper focuses on the process of empowerment of the mothers with their infants through the management of M group for childrearing. The problems to maintain the activities of M group were acquiring the meeting places and the places for a nursery, and paying for them. Also it was difficult to find the staff, who could continue the group as a leader, after the first leader quitted M group to return her job. However, the staff of M group were empowered in the process of solving the problems. Therefore, the group for childrearing is useful to empower the mothers. The information about the convenient places and the volunteers for the group is needed to keep the group activities for childrearing.
a group for child rearing
a case study