The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 29
2007-06-07 発行


A pilot study of constructing a parental reflection scale in child-rearing
Park, Shin-Young
The purpose of this study was to construct the parental reflection scale at the base of the three-layer model of reflection. The scale comprised of 32 items covers the following three parts; reflection on themselves (PR) and on their child (ren) (CR) by parents, and reflection on themselves through other person (s) (OR). The questionnaire, which included scales for self-consciousness / self-reflection, parent-child relationship, motherly consciousness, child-care attitude, was responded by 55 parents. Although each part of the parental reflection scale consisted of three levels, factors analysis indicated a one-factor-structure for each part. Cronbach's alpha coefficients for reliability were sufficiently high for PR and OR, and 3 subscales of PR, CR, and OR indicated their positive relations to the self-reflection scale. These results suggest that validity of this scale is partially satisfying but the scale itself was hardly correlated with other parenting scales except the child-care attitude scale.
parental cognition
parental reflection scale