The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 29
2007-06-07 発行

児童の形容詞による都市環境イメージとその発達 : 環境地図制作中のアイコン表現にみられる発達的特徴との対応づけ

The adjective image of urban environment for schoolchildren and its developmental changes : Corresponding to their icons use in environment map design
Ozu, Sotaro
Kihara, Ichiro
Taji, Daisuke
Wakabayashi, Sumino
Yamazaki, Akira
Seki, Hirokazu
Recently, increasing the activities for city planning or renovation that citizen participated in the world. In this study, focus on Hiroshima ECO-PEACE-MAP activity, the one of Japanese GREENMAP proposed by Wendy Brawer, researched developmental changes of schoolchildren's adjective images for their life city and corresponded to their icons use in environment map design. The children in 4th and 5th grade completed a questionnaire composed of 18 pairs of adjectives such as noisy-quiet or dark-light. Their profiles of image in part changed through 4th-5th or before-after activities, and its might be reflected cognitional development for the components of city environment as their icons use.
urban environment
school age