The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 29
2007-06-07 発行

保育者省察尺度に関する探索的研究(1) : 保育現場における反省的実践

Exploratory research on a reflection scale for kindergarten and nursery teachers(1) : Reflective practice in kindergarten and nursery schools
Sugimura, Shinichiro
Park, Shin-Young
Wakabayashi, Sumino
In order to clarify a structure of reflection of kindergarten and nursery teachers, a questionnaire survey was conducted. Based on the factor analysis results, it was concluded that a three-factor structure is appropriate for 3 types of reflection, reflection on themselves and on children, and reflection through other person (s). Nine sub-scales for the reflection by kindergarten and nursery teachers indicated some significant correlations with the questions about daily life of kindergarten and nursery teachers. These results imply that validity of this scale is partially satisfying. Nevertheless, findings of the factor analysis indicate the necessity of studying reflection in terms of time span.
kindergarten and nursery teachers
reflective practice