The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 27
2005-03-31 発行

プロジェクト活動への保育者の取り組み : 葉っぱプロジェクトの実践から

How a preschool teacher practiced the project approach : Report of a project on leaves
Kanda, Takako
Torimitsu, Mioko
Hayashi, Yoshie
Tomokawa, Emiko
This article describes the process of a project on leaves for 4-5 years old children and their teacher's struggle to develop the activities. This project was done in fall, 2003 at the preschool attached to Hiroshima University and kept the records by the members of the school of education in Hiroshima University. In this article, the teachers' changes and the roles of the teacher and the recorders in the project are considered.
project approach
preschool teacher
preschool children