The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 27
2005-03-31 発行

特別支援教育コーディネーターの役割に関する研究 : オレゴン大学の教育実践を参考にした実践的研修モデルに関して

The role of coordinator in special support education in japan : Consideration from teacher training program in university of Oregon
Matsui, Gota
The purpose of this study is to examine the role of coordinator and to suggest the teacher training program in special support education. In Japan, it's time to change the educational system for the children with special educational needs. And teacher who has potentials is nominated as coordinator to practice the special support education smoothly in each schools, "elementary school, junior high school, and school for children with disability". Now, government put the teacher training program for coordinator into practice to be expert in coordination about support system. But it has problem the way to do the teacher training program. This paper introduces the teacher training program in University of Oregon, and consideration teacher training program in Japan. The results indicated that it is necessary to develop more practical teacher training methods, and teacher should share the role of coordination to promote team approach.
special support education
teacher training program
team approach