The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 27
2005-03-31 発行


Interaction of aggressive children and victimize children.
Hatakeyama, Miho
Isobe, Miyoshi
Etchu, Koji
Yamazaki, Akira
The purpose of this study was to assess the behavioral characteristics of children involved in relational aggression in order for teachers to devise better intervention methods. Based on the pilot observation of 5-year-old children carried out on a preschool setting, one relationally aggressive girl and her target child were identified and selected for further observations during free-play, lunch, and class periods. Several aspects of their interactive behavior were observed using the categories of BOR. The main results are that the relationally aggressive girl and the relationally victimized girl spent more time together in free-play periods. Moreover, the relationally victimized girl was more approached by other peers during lunch and class periods than during free-play period. A teacher was working to have related with a lot of other companions without persisting in the specific companions to aggressive children and victimized girl.
young children
relational aggression
nursery teachers