The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 27
2005-03-31 発行

三歳児の学びの姿を探るプロジェクトの試み : 水とのかかわりを通して

How a preschool teacher used project approach to facilitate learning experiences of 3-year-olds? : Report of water project
Sugeta, Naoe
Torimitsu, Mioko
The purpose of this study is to depict the use of project approach to facilitate learning experiences of three year-olds by a preschool teacher. The study was conducted as part of a collaborative work of introducing the approach into the classroom between faculty members and preschool teachers of Hiroshima University. Children's activities and experiences with water are divided into five phases and reflected by the teacher. Results indicated that the attempt of bringing the project approach into practice leads the teacher to an elaborated notion of young children's learning and the roll of the teacher in facilitating their larning experiences.
project approach
preschool teachers
young children
reflective proctice