The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 26
Date of Issue:2004-03-25
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Considerations about the linkage between kindergarten and elementary school curriculum
Muto, Takashi;
PP. 1 - 9
The pedagogical examination of cooperation between a nursery /a kindergarten and an elementary school based on common teaching materials "A big turnip"(ookina-kabu) : a view of comparing practice
Fukazawa, Hiroaki; Ohmoto, Noriko;
PP. 11 - 20
Integrating Kindergarten and Day Care Center in their Administration, Management and Curriculum : A Case Study of the Community-based Educational Planning of Aizumi-cho, Tokushima
Torimitsu, Mioko; Soyoda, Hirofumi; Nakagawa, Miwa;
PP. 21 - 29
The assessment for the support center of child rearing in the needs for child's care
Nanakida, Atsushi; Mizuuchi, Toyokazu;
PP. 31 - 37
Relationship between Perceived Self-Regulation and Prosocial Behavior in Elementary School Children
Kusumoto, Chisato; Ito, Junko; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 39 - 44
The process of children's making friends
Matsuda, Anri;
PP. 45 - 52
A short-term longitudinal study on the speech of "Look" in 3 and 5-year-old children
Nagao, Fumie; Nakagawa, Miwa;
PP. 53 - 59
The influences of interpersonal conflicts on plays of preschoolers
Nakagawa, Miwa; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 61 - 68
Indivisual differences in teaching plan
Shibasaki, Yoshinori; Yamazaki, Akira; Yuzawa, Miki; Teragami, Namiho;
PP. 69 - 75
A director's manner in teachers' conference : Focusing on conversation of chief teacher in teachers' conference
Wakabayashi, Sumino;
PP. 77 - 83
Teaching Strategies and Materials for Children with Special Educational Needs on Reading : A Case Study
Mizuuchi, Toyokazu; Matsui, Gota; Nanakida, Atsushi;
PP. 85 - 92
Kindergarten Teachers' Beliefs Concerning Children's Musical Expression
Sano, Mina;
PP. 93 - 103
Preschoolers' future dreams and fantasy-reality distinction
Tomita, Shohei;
PP. 105 - 113
How do teachers plan school events for the kindergarten curriculum? Problems of school events in the early childhood education
Yuzawa, Miki; Yamazaki, Akira; Shibasaki, Yoshinori; Teragami, Namiho;
PP. 115 - 122