The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 25
Date of Issue:2003-03-25
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Issues in care and early education services in a context of aging society
Ogawa, Hirohisa;
PP. 1 - 10
How Preschool Teachers Put the Project Approach into Practice in Japan? : Report of A Project on Water
Kosaka, Keiko; Torimitsu, Mioko; Tomokawa, Emiko; Michishita, Maho; Sugeta, Naoe;
PP. 11 - 20
The correlation between perceived-child image and self-evaluation
Shibasaki, Yoshinori;
PP. 21 - 26
The transition of children's interventions in an interpersonal conflict situation : The correlation between interventions and social problem solving strategies
Nakagawa, Miwa; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 27 - 34
Peer acceptance and social information processing in preschoolers
Hatakeyama, Miho;
PP. 35 - 40
A Report of playgrounds for children in Higashi-hiroshima city : Distribution and accessibility of parks
Masuda, Takahito;
PP. 41 - 46
Issues on the effect of "DEC Recommended Practices" for early childhood special education in the United States
Mizuuchi, Toyokazu; Nanakida, Atsushi;
PP. 47 - 54
preschooler who can not express the emotion of prosociability effectively : by analysis of the way of expressing prosocial behaviors
Wakabayashi, Sumino;
PP. 55 - 61
A Study for Analyzing the Provision of the Early Childhood Services in Kure-City and Kurose-Cho
Kitano, Sachiko; Uda, Jun;
PP. 63 - 70
Children's "expression" at the developmental processes of educational theories on drama in Britain
Sano, Mina;
PP. 71 - 78
Preschool Children's Imaginary Companions and Related Phenomenon (2)
Tomita, Shohei;
PP. 79 - 86
Awareness of Child-Care Workers Regarding the Effects of Child-Raising Support : Effects of Child-Raising Support on Parents
Hamazaki, Takashi; Araki, Miyoko; Tamura, Takahiro; Iwasaki, Michiko;
PP. 87 - 94
The Analysis of Nurturing Records of 0 Year-Old Infants Using PAC Analysis
Hara, Takaaki; Matsukuma, Takayuki; Koga, Kyouko; Amamoto, Kinuko; Nakamura, Mika;
PP. 95 - 104
Some thoughts on introducing the projected curriculum into kindergarten classrooms : A tentative report on two years collaboration work of Hiroshima University's faculty members and attached kindergarten teachers
Torimitsu, Mioko;
PP. 105 - 114