The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 23
Date of Issue:2001-03-25
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Some Internal and External Factors for Young Children's Creative Expression
Nakazawa, Jun;
PP. 1 - 18
The Theoretical Foundation of Dramatic Education by Bolton, G : Langer's Artistic Theory and Play Theories at the Center of Bolton's Thought
Sano, Mina;
PP. 19 - 25
Understanding of Child and Its Support Model for Preschool Teacher
Nakajima, Noriko;
PP. 27 - 33
Preschooler's Meta-communication in a Joint Pretend Play Scene
Tomita, Shohei;
PP. 35 - 42
Preschooler's Self-realization : The Correlation with Social Behaviors
Hatakeyama, Miho; Kuramori, Mihoko; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 43 - 48
Effects of Figural Alignment on the Discrimination of Oblique Figures by Young Children
Shibasaki, Yoshinori;
PP. 49 - 55
The Application of WWW Bulletins Board as a Means of Support for Child-raising
Hamazaki, Takashi; Araki, Miyoko; Takahashi, Kaori; Hara, Noriyoshi;
PP. 57 - 64
The Current Problems and Tasks of Korean Child Care Centers
Hyun, Jung-Hwan;
PP. 65 - 71
The Report on the Forum of the Support for Child Rearing in Higashi-Hiroshima
Nanakida, Atsushi;
PP. 73 - 79
A Study on the Child Care Environment for Families in Matsue City : Through Questionnaire Survey on the Library and Child Care Support Center
Koyama, Yuko;
PP. 81 - 88
Parents' Wordings toward Their Child in Social Interactions between the Child and a Peer
Yuzawa, Miki; Kuramori, Mihoko; Irie, Keita; Chen, Wei; Yamazaki, Akira;
PP. 89 - 95